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Terms of Services

The agreement commence on the date the products are delivered and remain in full effect the fixed period expires. “We/we” or “Our/our” or “Us/us” or “Service Provider” refers to Quick AC Repair and shall include its successors and assignees. “You/you” or “Your/your” or “Yourself/yourself” shall mean reference to the lessee or his/her representative.

1.0 Tenure of Contract

The contract has a lock-in period of a given tenure as mutually agreed at the time of ordering. The rental can also be extended based on the requirement. Quick AC Repair has every right to terminate the contract and take back the items if we deem the lessee is misusing or being extremely negligent with the items. The final product will be dependent on the availability of the same from our vendors at a given point of time. That being said, please note all items are thoroughly checked before dispatch, along with free servicing provided throughout the tenure.

2.0 Payment Policy

The invoice shall be raised by Quick AC Repair on the 1st of every month and the grace period lies till the 5th of every month. In case, the products are delivered any time during the month, the first month shall be calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date of delivery until the last day of the first month. While Quick AC Repair ensures there are no problems with the items, in case of any issue please do not hold the payment of the rent as the two are separate and we cannot help if late charges are incurred because of the same. The payments need to be done in advance. No excuses of invoices not received shall be entertained later.

3.0 Damage Policy

The customer hereby agrees that any damage caused to the Product or theft (including disappearance) or loss, shall be liable towards repair and replacement cost of the Product. In the event, the Product is stolen or damaged beyond repair the customer shall be liable to pay Quick AC Repair the market price of the Product.

4.0 Maintenance Policy

Quick AC Repair shall provide maintenance of the Products delivered to the customer for the entire duration of the agreement or request. Quick AC Repair shall provide cleaning (one time per year) of the AC, only after completion of minimum 12 months tenure by the Lessee. In the event, the issue is not resolved during repair. Quick AC Repair shall provide a replacement for the Product. Additional cost incurred by us during the maintenance and cleaning due to damages shall be borne solely and paid by the customer.