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AC Removal

Ac Repair About Us The window AC installed in homes weighs anywhere between 20 to 30 kilograms depending upon the capacity of the AC. The uninstallation of AC is as tricky as its installation. Are you looking to get rid of your old air conditioner? Do not waste any time trying to uninstall of your own. Just pick the phone today and contact Quick AC Repair for help. We will send expert professionals in your location to uninstall the device safely and securely.

What does the AC removal or uninstallation process include?

• Un-plugging of the window AC unit
• Removal of insulation and padding
• Removal of front cover and air filter
• Inner unit is removed from the outer case
• Finally, the outer unit is unscrewed from the window

Are you looking to get rid of your old, broken down air conditioner and ready to upgrade it? We can help you out with the best affordable solution. Quick AC Repair can take care of all your air conditioner removal needs. When we take your old air conditioner, we separate it into the necessary parts and recycle it. You can now guess easily that your air conditioner removal will be handled in a responsible and environmentally-safe manner.

Quick AC Repair also ensures the removal of split AC and other ACs. It is advisable to remove the coolant before uninstallation of AC. The experts put a bucket or tray underneath the inner unit to catch coolant or water spill. You would surely like to get the job done with the help of experts and we can do the job at the best price for you. Both window AC and split AC are heavy and need 2 people for uninstallation. You will get exactly the number and type of people needed to get the job completed on time. Call us and book your appointment early to get rid of the damaged air conditioner.